UK Energy Policy

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Dec 11 Frozen Planet: BBC Bias Continues
Dec 11 The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal
Dec 11 Should we still be spending money on this?
Nov 11 Reform or Abandon the IPCC (from gwpf)
Nov 11 Reality Looms for Carbon Capture
Nov 11 Scientific Heresy: Lecture by Matt Ridley

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Aug11 Some notes on Electric Cars
May 10 Electric Cars to run on Fossil Fuel?
Jun 09 French Bio-Petrol - Care Needed
Jun 09 Electric Cars
Apr 09 Biodiesel in your tank?
Jan 07 Revised EU limit on car carbon dioxide emissions
Dec 06 New EU limits on car carbon dioxide emissions

2006: Air Passenger Tax - Seconds Out, Round One!
2006: Extra flight levy for air passengers

Sep 09: Banning Incandescent Bulbs
2007: Low Energy Lightbulbs

Aug11 Why "Clean Coal" (Carbon Capture) should be abandoned
Feb 11 Electricty Bills - why they continue to increase
Mar 10 Blackouts Coming?
Mar 10 - An Energy Policy at Last?
Generating Electricity from a Fuel
24 Aug 09 Why we don't need any more wind turbines
2007 Ready for the Power Cuts?
16 Oct 06 Nuclear stations showing signs of wear
31 Jul 06 National Grid wants money from wind farmers
2006 Zero Emission Power
29 Jul 06 Blackouts Ahead
2006 Grid Control Optimisation using wind energy?
2006 Dear English Electricity...

2006 A problem solved - nuclear waste storage
2006 Misinformation in the Media - Nuclear Power

Dec 08 Is Global Warming Happening?
Jul 08 Carbon Dioxide Fantasies
Nov 08 Government commitment on combatting climate change

Aug11 This Month's News
Aug11 The Real Price of Wind Power
Feb 11 Proposed Windfarm Benefits Unconvincing says REF
Jul 09 Update on renewables policy: Mr. Miliband's White Paper
2007 How much energy is in sunlight?
2007 Solar Power in a house
Apr 07 Trouble in Scotland with renewable energy
2006 Output from wind turbines - are they hiding the data?
2006 What's the price of wind energy from my turbine?
2006 Government thinking on grants for renewables
2006 Wind turbines compulsory for every home?

Apr 11 Poor Energy Planning
Apr 11 UK Green Policies Continue
Apr 11 Lunatic Fringe
Jun 08 The importance of Energy Security
Jul 06 The Stern Report
Nov 06 Warning from International Energy Agency

Jul 09 Comments on the Government's new energy strategy: Mr. Miliband's White Paper
Sep 09 Fiddling while Rome Burns, by Chris Darmon
2006 Energy - what's the UK's problem?
2006 Who's in charge of our energy companies?
2006 Energy Strategy (?) in the UK
8 Dec 06 Zero-Carbon houses and hot air
9 Dec 06 Output from large wind turbines - the truth?

UK Energy Review, July 2006
Overview... Nuclear... Wind... Microgeneration... Carbon Capture

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