Revised carbon dioxide limits for new cars

The European Commission has decided that the carbon dioxide emission limit of 120g/km for new cars is to be raised to 130g, in response to pressure from car manufacturers. The 120g limit would damage Europe's economy and might force car manufacture overseas.

The concession is slight, and still represents a considerable disincentive to invest in car manufacture in Europe.

The average for new cars sold in 2005 was 162g/km.

There is a chance that an extra 10gm/km might be saved through the use of biofuels and better tyres.

Manufacturers say that European leaders have failed to give incentives for consumers to buy smaller, cleaner cars.

One of the problems is that low carbon dioxide emissions are achieved most easily by very small cars. A major contributor to a vehicle's emission level is its weight.

ND comment -Would you fancy driving 200 miles in a car smaller than an old Mini?

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