Electric Cars

The Government is now promoting the idea of electric cars, and talking about subsidies.

Before deciding whether electric cars are 'greener' than petrol or diesel vehicles, think about this:

1. They will have to be charged up from the Grid.

2. To get 40 units of electricity you have to burn 100 units of gas or 100 units of coal.

They will definitely be cleaner in town - no exhaust emissions in the rush hour.

But they will be dependent on fossil fuels, until we build more nuclear stations.

Nuclear electricity for charging our cars - now that would be a sensible use of resources. You'd still need to burn 100 units to get 40 units of electricity, but fossil fuels are disappearing at an alarming rate.

They belong to future generations as much as they do to us.

N.D., Habitat21 website.

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