Government commitment towards tackling climate change

Another interesting letter about how our government operates, appearing in the Daily Telegraph recently ...

Dear Sir

Anyone keen to establish the depth of this Government's commitment to tackling climate change need look no further than to the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 which it allowed to reach the statute books this summer.

Section 4, National Targets for Microgeneration, reads:

(1)The Secretary of State must, during the period beginning with 1st November 2008 and ending with 31st March 2009 (a) designate one or more microgeneration targets, and (b) publish a statement of that target or targets.

(2) but subsection (1) does not apply unless on 1st November 2008 the Secretary of State considers that it would be appropriate to designate one or more targets under that subsection.

Orwellian doublespeak in all its glory: the Secretary of State must do something unless the Secretary of State thinks it is inappropriate.

Is it any wonder nothing happens?

Cllr. Christian Vassie, York

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