Carbon Capture and storage

A demonstration programme for capturing carbon dioxide and storing it in disused oil wells will be launched in September 2006.

Dumping pollutants under the sea (including liquefied carbon dioxide) remains illegal under the London Dumping Convention. The Government will work internationally to change these rules.

ND comment:

....the idea that you can burn a carbon- containing fuel and prevent the carbon dioxide escaping into the atmosphere is pure fantasy. That it's written into the Energy Review is a sad comment on our scientific awareness. "Carbon capture" may buy a few headlines, which is presumably the intention, but the idea isn't new; it's been around a long time, keeping company with "perpetual motion machines" and "burning water because it contains hydrogen".

To capture a ton of carbon dioxide you need two tons of limestone to make the absorber. Are we going to dig up the national parks? And where will we dump the used absorber?

One other point - do you approve of the Government trying to change the rules so we can dump pollutants at sea?

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