Labour's plan for a wind turbine on all our homes

A surprising article by Becky Barrow, property correspondent, appeared in the Daily Mail recently. Here are the salient points:

1. Home owners could be forced to put wind turbines on their roofs.

2. This is expected to form part of the Government's energy review.

3. Alistair Darling has outlined his vision of a wind turbine for every home.

4. Power companies will be put under pressure to make customers use less energy.

5. Options include demanding that home owners put up wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, or other renewables.

6. Small wind turbines cost around 3000.

ND comment ... The amount of energy produced by a wind turbine won't be metered. It will be based on a third of the rated output of the turbine at 25mph.

It's difficult to think of a less accurate way of estimating the energy output.

No doubt it will be the method adopted.

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