Wind Turbine Data - conspicuous by its absence

I confess to some shock when we started to test our wind turbine. I had wondered why there are virtually no published output figures of micro-generators (domestic wind turbines) on the internet or anywhere else.

I looked hard - there were projections by manufacturers, graphs, calculations by academics, stuff about global warming, and lots of clever articles predicting how much energy I would get. But no data of measured output.

Its absence speaks volumes.

If the news was good, I guess it would be plastered everywhere.

Right - our results ...our wind turbine is rated at six hundred watts and has a diameter of about 1.4 metres. It's well-made, and in a windy area. We are seeing an average output of around 30 watts in breezy periods. Many days it doesn't rotate at all. Output - zero.

If government is giving out money and encouraging us to dip into our pockets to pay as much again for this form of energy generation, we need to know whether it's good value. It's quite conceivable that in twenty years time there will be wind turbines in every street - and that we'll be experiencing regular power cuts. Our wind turbines will enable us to sit in semi- gloom, perhaps, as we curse the energy policy which brought us to this sorry state.

If you have data of measured output (I don't want your scholarly projections or other fantasies) then please contact me. I would also like details of rotor diameter, location, kilowatt hours generated, how you measured it, and what you paid for the setup. This will enable me to calculate the price paid, on average, per kilowatt hour.

Then we'll know if domestic wind turbines are worth having - or just a political scam to buy headlines.

I would also be interested to hear from any Grid Controllers who use wind energy, what price they pay for it, how much they use in a given quarter, half-year or year, and their estimate of the extra spinning reserve needed for each megawatt they buy.

If our cash (billions of pounds) is being used to fund more wind farms, the Government should know before spending it how much electricity we are going to get, based on the measured output of those already in operation.

Email contact: suttonelms (at) ukonline.co.uk. I've written it like this to avoid spammers.

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