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Over many years we have become increasingly concerned about the dearth of accurate, unbiased information on all matters relating to energy production, usage and storage.

People are being misled by the media and political statements are being made which in many cases are grossly inaccurate and in some cases completely untrue. This is especially true of wind energy, nuclear power, and 'clean coal'.

On this page you will find articles and comments on stories in the press. I add to them as news breaks, so please return to keep up with what is happening. They are arranged by topic and date. Shorter items are on the 'Newsdesk' page.

We hear a lot of comments about global warming. The graph below shows what has happened to global temperatures over the last fifteen years.

The view of this website is that energy policy should be rational and evidence-based. We need an energy strategy which minimises waste, delivers energy 24 hours a day at a reasonable price, and enables industry to flourish; we all need jobs.

Everything else should be secondary to that.

Dec 12 Wind Farm Protest in Perth, Scotland
Dec 12 More Wind Turbines for Huntingdonshire?
Dec 12 A new BBC Climate Seminar is needed
Dec 12 Why the Batsworthy Cross Wind Farm should not be built
Dec 12 Christine Metcalfe and the Aarhus Convention
Dec 12 Three views on the Fairburn Wind Farm, Inverness
Dec 12 Climate Conference: The Truth at Doha
Dec 12 Some Straight Talking
Nov 12 Guardian readers reject Renewables
Nov 12 The Impartial BBC
Nov 12 Reality Returning to the Energy Debate
Nov 12 Reduced CO2 Savings for the UK Grid - George Wood
Oct 12 Windfarms Make Scotland More Attractive - SNP
Oct 12 A Green Autumn Lies Ahead
Oct 12 Wind Farms Devalue Property
Oct 12 Wind Farms: Democracy in Action
Sep 12 Tourism about to decline in Scotland
Sep 12 Scotland's Energy Policy is Just Hot Air - Struan Stevenson, MEP
Sep 12 A New Dash for Gas is Needed - George Wood
Sep 12 Green Extremism Starting to Decline?
Sep 12 Wind Turbines do not reduce Carbon Emissions - George Wood
Sep 12 Why we don't need more Wind Power on the British Grid - George Wood
Sep 12 Severn Barrage v Wind and Wind v Nuclear - George Wood
Aug 12 The Thanet Offshore Wind Farm
Aug 12 Scottish Independence & the Wind Energy Fiasco
Aug 12 Nightmare Landscape
Jul 12 Government on track to abandon Climate Rules
Jul 12 The Unbiased BBC, One Year Later
Jul 12 Extra Costs incurred by a Wind Turbine Programme
Jul 12 Sustainable means Unsustainable
Jul 12 Economic Factors Associated with Wind Turbines - George Wood
Jul 12 Why we don't need Wind Turbines
Jul 12 UK Energy Policy - Out of Control
Jun 12 Rio iceberg sinks global warming Titanic
Jun 12 Roger Helmer: Misinformation on Wind Energy Sent to MPs
Jun 12 Commonsense from Canada
Jun 12 How They Use Your Money
Jun 12 The Green Revolution stops in USA
May 12 Draft Proposals for UK Electricity Market
May 12 Price Comparison: Wind and Fossil Fuel
May 12 Britain's Increasing Energy Problems
May 12 Problems with Germany's National Grid
May 12 Communicating Climate Change Alarmism: Peter Lilley
May 12 More Politics: "The Oceans Will Boil"
Apr 12 Trouble in Scotland
Apr 12 The UK's Surreal Energy Policy Continues
Apr 12 Carbon Capture: Government not learning from its mistakes
Apr 12 The world has not warmed for 15 years: Met Office
Mar 12 More Opposition to Wind Turbines
Mar 12 How to destroy the Australian Economy - Viv Forbes
Mar 12 Hydraulic Fracturing and the Water Supply
Mar 12 Energy Policy Statement: Ed Davey
Mar 12 Is Wind The Answer? DEBATE, 1 Mar, Town Hall, St. Andrew's, Fife, 7.15pm
Feb 12 Al Gore's Graph: Carbon Dioxide and Temperature
Feb 12 Shale Gas and Carbon Mitigation
Feb 12 National Trust says Yes to Hydro, No to Wind
Feb 12 Climate Change Queries
Feb 12 Another resignation from American Physical Society
Feb 12 UK Smart Meters and their price
Jan 12 UK Rolling Demand: Power
Jan 12 Cross-Party Group to oppose Wind Farms
Jan 12 Dutch & Civitas Reports on Wind Power
Jan 12 Asking the questions to get the result you want
Jan 12 The Environmental Taliban
Jan 12 The Green Thing

Oct 11 Wind Turbine Accident, Cornish school
Sep11 The Price of Green Energy
Jul 11 Basic Science: Water Vapour, Carbon Dioxide & The Greenhouse Effect
Jul 11 BBC Climate Bias?

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