Nightmare Landscape

Fancy living here?

The picture is off of Oak Creek Road, outside of Mojave, California looking north toward the Tehachapi Mountains.

Two years ago, none of those 450 foot tall steel/fiberglass trees were there, and it was a pleasant piece of countryside.

Think about what it's like to live in a landscape like this, and what it does to the value of property.

You'd never be able to sell up and move somewhere else.

And for tourism, you can forget it...

Please share this picture; it is not copyrighted.

RM writes....."Our friends' home is the one with the light roof. They are completely surrounded on the North side and now they are being surrounded on the West and after that the East. At night there are hundreds of red flashing strobes that can be seen from 30 to 40 miles away."

Landscapes like this are starting to be constructed in parts of the UK.

    GW adds: Wind turbines should not be regarded as renewable energy.

    They emit more CO2 emissions though their carbon own footprint and that of their back-up and regulating reserves (because of their inefficiency and intermittency) when compared to running highly efficient gas-fired power stations at one-third of the cost.

    NS adds:

    ...On a good day wind turbines produce about 3% of our electricity; on a bad day 0%; average somewhere about 1.5% .... but the 'environmental levy' on my last electricity bill (that means wind) was 12%.

    Does that sound like a worthwhile investment?

habitat21, 1 Aug 12

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