The Unbiased BBC, A Year Later...

Interesting post on the Delingpole blog about the Radio 4 discussion ('Today' programme) I heard this morning. I've tidied it up a bit.

Incidentally it's almost exactly a year since Steve Jones examined BBC output and found no trace of bias. One wonders how carefully he looked for it...

The CO2 lobby has been out in force today on Today on Radio 4.

First, Ed Davey, who evidently knows very little about energy, saying that renewables need subsidies and our climate change challenge needs this green energy. No mention of its intermittency, unreliability, or enormous price.

Then a guy from Indiana assessing problems with 'extreme weather' in the State's agriculture. Unfortunately for the Beeb, he didn't play ball when asked if they were linking it to climate change. No, he said, I'm agnostic about that. We've had people from the State Agriculture Board explaining that this weather is not unusual and citing examples going back to the '30s.

Next, some woman from the 'Sustainability Whatever' banging on about the need for lower CO2 emissions.

And lastly, a spokesman from the Renewable Alliance talking similarly about the need to de-carbonise the UK.

No contribution from the other side of the argument. Not one.

A nice illustration of the BBC's idea of 'balance'.

habitat21, 25 Jul 2012

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