A Five-Point Plan to destroy the Australian Economy

Pretend you were determined to embark on a crash program to increase the price of electricity in order to deter consumers and businesses from using it. Can you devise a five point plan for achieving that sort of destruction?

First, pay millions in compensation to force closure of reliable coal fired power stations producing cheap electricity.

Second, spend millions in subsidies to bribe promoters to erect forests of imported wind turbines which produce no electricity for 75% of the time. Pay again to have them switched off when the wind is too strong or if they produce more power than the network needs at the time.

Third, spend millions to build a spider web of roads and transmission lines to connect these turbines to the grid.

Fourth, spend millions to build new gas fired backup generators to keep the lights on when the wind stops. Pay again to switch off the gas when the wind blows at the right speed for the turbines to work.

Finally, require all remaining coal or gas power stations to buy carbon ration permits from merchant banks.

Well done - you have now described current Government Energy Policy in Australia.

When we have pauperised ourselves by wasting our savings on combating "man-made global warming" we will have none left to deal with real disasters....

Viv Forbes

22 Mar 12

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