A Green Autumn Lies Ahead

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the political struggle taking place for control of our energy policy. Control of the energy supply gives enormous influence over a country's economy.

One side is following an agenda which appears at first glance to be driven by concern for the environment. This group is pushing strongly for an expansion of renewables, regardless of cost or effectiveness, and is trying to outlaw coal by devising emissions regulations which coal cannot meet. The motivations for this are not clear.

The other side wants affordable energy for home and industry, using whatever fuel can meet the requirement.

Very little of this important debate is reaching the mainstream media; most MSM sources don't have scientific knowledge to cover it adequately, let alone well. Nor is the BBC covering it.

Most of the issues are being debated fiercely on the internet. If you're interested, I can recommend some of the Daily Telegraph blogs, particularly those appearing after James Delingpole's articles .

There was an interesting post anticipating the end of green extremism on this blog, by a person calling himself 'Old Goat'. I'm reproducing it with his permission; thanks OG.

I feel an autumn coming on for green activists - they will slowly shrivel and fall, to be covered with this year's snowfall (remember that? They said our children wouldn't ever see snow...).

March winds will blow, and hopefully struggle to turn fewer turbines, and generate less cash in subsidies for those who are less interested in the environment and more interested in their own wealth.

It's a slow process, but I think we've come a long way in a couple of years.

We've disproved the warmies' insistence that we have generated too much CO2 and its alleged changing of the climate. We can't see the sea levels rising at a phenomenal rate, we dipped out yet again on a promised "barbecue summer" because the Met Office only seem capable of accurate forecasts 100 years hence (when we can't prove 'em wrong), and they are useless at short term predictions more than 24 hours ahead.

We've learned a lot more about the cyclical nature of the climate, and the effect of solar influence, we've had lies and obfuscation thrown at us by discredited, fund-driven "scientists", and governments tricked into AGW nonsense by their self-interested advocates. We know there's little chance of a Mediterranean climate in the UK, and a greater one of another Little Ice Age. We've endured name-calling on a grand scale, even being called "deniers" (reminiscent of those didn't believe in the holocaust), and to add insult to injury, those who have levelled these epithets at us have clearly demonstrated their own crass stupidity, and publicly, too.

Almost everything the AGW crowd has thrown at us masquerading as "evidence" of their doctrine has either failed to have been proved, discredited within hours, or in the worst cases (and there are plenty of them), has been downright lies, supported by fudged data and doubtful models.

It's high time the worms turned, along with the tide of public opinion. They've got away with it for far too long, and they have been exposed, without the help of the MSM (especially the BBC - but that's another story), who are really only interested in the alarmist agenda, because it sells newspapers.

So we quietly have plodded on, got our facts right (well, most of them), stuck to our guns, and kept whittling away at the rubbish the warmists present as "evidence". And just as we thought (and said) all along, it's proved to be a house of cards, and the only way for this global warming claptrap is down.

I just wish that these charlatans could be brought to book from a legal standpoint. They have cost us billions.

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