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Over many years we have become increasingly concerned about the dearth of accurate, unbiased information on all matters relating to energy production, usage and storage.

People are being misled by the media and political statements are being made which in many cases are grossly inaccurate and in some cases completely untrue. This is especially true of wind energy, nuclear power, and 'clean coal'.

On this page you will find articles and comments on stories in the press. I add to them as news breaks, so please return to keep up with what is happening. They are arranged by topic and date. Shorter items are on the 'Newsdesk' page.

We hear a lot of comments about global warming. The graph below shows what has happened to global temperatures over the last fifteen years.

The view of this website is that energy policy should be rational and evidence-based. We need an energy strategy which minimises waste, delivers energy 24 hours a day at a reasonable price, and enables industry to flourish; we all need jobs.

Everything else should be secondary to that.

Dec 15 We should be maintaining our waterways
Dec 15 The Biased BBC Trust
Nov 15 Adjusting the facts to fit the theory - Howard Curnow
Nov 15 Britain's Energy Plan
Oct 15 An Alternative View on Climate Change - Howard Curnow
Aug 15 CIDERMAKING without an apple press - Nigel Deacon
Jul 15 Recent developments in Australia and the UK
May 15 Is Fossil Fuel Subsidised Or Not?
May 15 There's no valid evidence for man-made Climate Change - Howard Curnow
May 15 Why Carbon Dioxide cannot be the cause of Climate Change
May 15 The hockey stick graph
Apr 15 How to revive a flagging car industry
Apr 15 Climate Change - an Alternative View - Howard Curnow
Mar 15 Polls on Wind Energy
Mar 15 More BBC Bias
Mar 15 The War On Carbon Fuels - Viv Forbes
Feb 15 Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy
Feb 15 In case you missed it: The Impartial BBC
Feb 15 IPCC has lost its scientific objectivity - GWPF
Feb 15 No consensus on Climate Change - Howard Curnow
Jan 15 Current policies cannot supply the energy we need
Jan 15 The Wind Industry cannot supply the energy we need

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