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You may have noticed in recent months that mainstream newspapers have begun printing press releases about diesel fuel, and its effect on the environment. None of the press releases reveal anything new, but you may also be aware that there is a move to exclude diesel vehicles from large cities - starting with Paris and London.

Inevitably, it's all about money.

How to revive a flagging car industry? Encourage millions of people over a decade or so to buy diesel cars to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Wait several years, then begin an anti-diesel propaganda campaign in the newspapers, television and radio, along the lines of

.....diesels are polluters.... they cause illnesses .... thousands of deaths a year .... in breach of European Air Quality Regulation XYZ ...... etc, etc.

Offer scrappage payments for secondhand diesels; net result - everyone has to buy a new petrol car.

Job done.

You may have noticed that this is happening, step by step. London taxi drivers a couple of years ago were forced to upgrade to new diesels under yet another set of environmental rules.

As part of the propaganda campaign, the Supreme Court has ruled that the government must take urgent steps to tackle air pollution. This time the pollution specified is nitrogen dioxide.

It is convenient that there are so many air pollutants. A different one can be targeted for each new scam, or 'environmental initiative'.

Freight drivers have predicted the introduction of payments to diesel drivers to scrap their vehicles. As with previous scams, the cost would be funded by taxpayers.

Edmund King of the AA said that 11 million motorists had been misled by Gordon Brown's dash for diesel, which was intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (......CO2 emissions don't do any harm anyway - Ed) .

After a substantial proportion of the population have bought lower-CO2 emitters, they now discover that they are being hit again.

What the propaganda fails to mention is that petrol engine emissions are as harmful as those from diesels.

The gases given off are a different mixture but the end result is similar. Diesels give off more particulates and nitrogen dioxide, but unleaded petrol emissions are far higher in cancer-producing aromatics.

No doubt the next environmental initiative will be anti-petrol.... unless they think of something more lucrative first.

A new tax on water, perhaps?

29 Apr 15

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