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This is a summary of part of an article by Philip Johnston, DT, 27 Jan 2015

We might soon have to start living by candlelight again if we don't get our energy policy right. Last week, a Lords committee took evidence from Ed Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, on the somewhat disconcerting topic "Will the lights go out?"

He was hardly in a position to admit that this might happen, but to ask the question in an advanced economy like ours is an admission that something has gone very wrong with our energy planning. However, one sane development is that Dungeness B nuclear power station, after an overhaul, will stay open for 10 years beyond its scheduled closing date of 2018. Nuclear delivers reliable, low-cost and clean electricity which makes this the first sensible energy decision for some time.

Dungeness B was originally scheduled to close in 2008., so we are lucky that it is still standing, unlike the coal-fired power stations which we have closed down at a time when coal is the cheapest fuel on the world market.

We also have a good opportunity to generate a large proportion of this country's own gas supply, but a significant number of our politicians seem determined to throw it away. Yesterday in the Commons there was an attempt to impose a moratorium on fracking. Fortunately it failed.

However, a report from the Commons environmental audit committee, published to coincide with the vote, called for a ban on fracking because of unsubstantiated claims about its impact on water supplies, air quality, public health and 'climate change targets'.

This is out of touch with reality.

Joan Walley, the Labour chairman of the committee, was on the radio shortly afterwards, unable to answer fundamental questions about how we ensure a secure energy future. As an alternative she proposed 'Carbon Capture and Storage'.

This shows how much she understands about the problem.

Carbon Capture has nothing to do with energy generation.


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