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Jim Peden

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I coined the phrase "Global Warming Morons" many years ago to describe the ignorant people who are promoting the idea that a miniscule amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, of which man only contributes 5%, is somehow causing our planet to overheat.

I also coined the term "Great Global Warming Hoax" to describe the multi-faceted gem that keeps the global warming morons babbling Doom and Gloom.

A friend recently suggested I change the phrase to Global Warming Scam, to more properly describe it. He may be right. It is in fact a scam of magnificent proportions. Convince everyone that fossil fuels are evil , and drive the price of them up to the point where "Alternative Energy", such as solar and wind , are price competitive. ( we note that solar and wind are not "alternative.".. only "supplemental". When the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, you still need a permanent, full capacity power plant nearby to take up when the supplementals fail.)

Whatever you want to call it, it is a magnificent scam. What makes it so powerful is the fact that only physicists can detect the subtle reversal of something called the Second Law of Thermodynamics (impossible) that's buried within the gobbledygook that they call "Global Warming Theory".

The scam starts by telling everyone that 97% of all climate scientists believe global warming is real and being caused by human produced carbon dioxide... which they have simply shortened to the word "carbon", since everyone knows that CO2 is a very beneficial gas and that carbon is an ugly black substance we use to write with pencils.

You have to remember that 85% of all the world's population is classified as "not very bright"...meaning their IQs are more or less average, or below average.

So, when you tell the global warming morons that "97% of all climate scientists agree that global warming is real and that human produce CO2 is the cause of it" you know the morons will buy it because they're not smart enough to realize that "climate scientists" is a collective GENERIC term... like "athlete" or "musician".... and there exists no list of "climate scientists" that one could use to make such a survey in the first place.

Also, the global warming morons aren't smart enough to know that the planet is supposed to be warming... that the normal state of the northern hemisphere our planet is wrapped in ice, and every few hundred thousand years, it comes out of that icebound state briefly into what is known as an interglacial period. Interglacial periods last around 10 or 12 thousand years, then we are plunged back into our normal deep state Ice Age. To top it all off, we are almost at the 12,000 year mark in this current brief interglacial, so it won't be long until there will again be a mile of ice over New York City.

So the "97% of all scientists agree"... is just a little mini hoax within the greater hoax, and certainly not true. What is true, is 32,000 actual real scientists have signed a paper petition known as the Oregon Petition denouncing the hoax for what it is..

The sad thing about the global warming morons is, even after you explain to them the real physics at work in the atmosphere, they don't understand a word you said and they will continue to believe the hoax regardless of the facts. The facts unfortunately rest within a branch of physics known as quantum mechanics, which basically says "Heat can't flow from colder air above, back down to the warmer earth below, and heat it even more". Yet that is the core of the global warming morons argument. You can't heat a room by bringing a large block of ice into it, even if the block of ice is emitting infrared radiation. The radiation being emitted by a block of ice is of the wrong frequency and wavelength to be absorbed by an object of a warmer temperature. So, all of the "feedbacks " that the global warming morons are telling us about are in reality physically not possible.


    The real answers lie in a branch of physics known as quantum mechanics. The great global warming hoax essentially says the sun heats the Earth, then the Earth emits infrared radiation which can be captured by the bogus "greenhouse gases". The last step in this absurdity is that the "greenhouse gases" will re-emit infrared radiation in all directions, and one half of it will return to Earth and strike the Earth and warm it even more.

    This, of course, is not physically possible. The radiation from the colder air above cannot be absorbed by the warmer Earth below. While it is true that all objects in the universe are cooling and emitting infrared radiation as they cool, radiation from a cooler object cannot be absorbed by a warmer object; the quantum-mechanical states in the warmer object are already filled ....there is no room at the inn.

    This is a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. Heat flow must always follow the temperature vector from hot to cold... It cannot naturally flow in the opposite direction any more than a ball can roll uphill.

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