Climategate and Global Warming

Two years ago, a computer hacker, or possibly a whistleblower, broke into the computer system of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and released a lot of sensitive data onto the internet. This included confidential emails between scientists allegedly promoting the 'man-made global warming' hypothesis.

The evidence suggests that global warming scientists may have been involved in alleged: fraud, slanting evidence in favor of their theories, destroying contrary evidence and punishing dissenters in the scientific community.

Three days ago, more embarrassing emails from CRU were released from a server somewhere in Russia.

Little has been reported about it in the mainstream media. The internet is again the main source of information.

The significance of the leaks cannot be over-estimated, as expressed by John Lott, Jr, on FoxNews.com:

Usually academic research is completely ignored by the general public, but in this case, proposed regulations, costing trillions of dollars, are being based on many of these claimed research results.

This coordinated campaign to hide scientific information appears unprecedented.

The climate information produced by CRU feeds into government. It affects every one of us because it affects energy policy and the price we pay for gas and electricity.

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