Why Australians should
reject a Carbon Tax

From Viv Forbes, Australia

Ten reasons.....

Is there any evidence of unusual or dangerous global warming?


If we do nothing will it cause runaway global warming?


Is there an unusual or dangerous amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?


Does carbon dioxide control global temperatures?


Can human action control the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?


Is extra carbon dioxide a pollutant in the atmosphere, or a danger to life on earth?


Will our tax on carbon dioxide have any effect on world production of carbon dioxide or on global climate?


Will the big economies in our region such as USA, Japan, China and India follow us in taxing and rationing carbon fuels?


Will our major competitors such as Indonesia, Brazil, Canada and South Africa follow us in taxing carbon dioxide?


Are the benefits of taxing carbon dioxide likely to exceed the costs in job losses, wasted savings, destruction of asset values and increased costs for electricity, transport, food and construction materials?


Viv Forbes, Australia

    Note from ND

    .... This website is in favour of using fossil fuels efficiently. It is also in favour of using renewables, but they must be used appropriately. So far, 'appropriate use' is rare - which is one reason why our energy bills in the UK are increasing so quickly.

    The main greenhouse gas is water vapour. Most Physicists and Chemists know this.

    Carbon dioxide's effect on climate is about one tenth to one twentieth that of water vapour. Tiny, and definitely unmeasurable.

    There is therefore no valid reason for replacing gas or coal-fired power stations with renewables at several times the price.

    It is completely and utterly futile.

    The balance sheets of every industry are being scrutinised constantly, apart from one: 'decarbonisation'.

    Carbon dioxide emissions 'targets' are presently exempt from the normal rules of commerce.

    Large numbers of us are wondering what is going on...

11 Oct 2011

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