David Cameron and the Huskies

It is five years since David Cameron had his photo taken with huskies at the Arctic Research Station at Ny Alesund in Norway. He told us "vote blue, go green". Now the government is much less keen on supporting some of the UK's 'environmental protection' policies.

The Climate Change Act, introduced by Labour, places a duty on the secretary of state to ensure that the net UK carbon dioxide emissions for 'greenhouse gases' for the year 2050 is 80% lower than in 1990.

They put at the heart of their plans for Britain's future a transition to a low-carbon economy, regardless of expense, its effect on industry, or its effect on climate.

The prime minister says that the process is about scrapping legislation which is a burden to industry. This is at least a step in the right direction.

Carbon capture and storage projects are to be delayed. The entire carbon reduction strategy is up for review. The Campaign to Repeal the Climate Change Act group has already launched a petition.

The public is gradually realising that the link between man-made carbon dioxide and climate is unproven.

Truth emerges eventually.

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