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From Allano, our contact in Australia.

The big four sources of electrical energy are COAL, NATURAL GAS , HYDRO and NUCLEAR. I suggest that any region with a National Supply Grid would be wise to confine its operation to technology involving these four energy sources. This means excluding the renewable sources of wind and large solar for National Grid supply, although these technologies could possibly have some one-off Non-Grid applications, and the use of diesel generators to give emergency power or remote-region electrical supply is still necessary.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA is a good example of how NOT to provide essential electrical energy to the State. We have the highest priced electricity in the World. It's unreliable and subject to blackouts and brown-outs, because our Premier Weatherill chooses to be guided by the Green ideology promoted by the United Nations and associated Green political groups.

This situation is unacceptable. The result has been a process of continued closure of manufacturing plant and avoidance of investment in the industries requiring affordable electricity.

To regain and achieve a prosperous economic future for South Australia it is necessary first to have a change of Government and a change of thinking in the public service. The present Labor Government of Premier Weatherill is so supportive of the Green ideology of the UN, with its goal of 50% RET (Renewable Energy Target) that it is impossible for matters to improve.

Allano, habitat21

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