Wind Turbines and the Countryside
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A reminder about the treat to tourism posed by wind turbines...

wind turbines and their  effect on tourism
This picture is from California, and it illustrates what is now happening in Scotland under the cloak of 'environmentalism'. I leave it to you to work out the effect this will have on local tourism.

We have a new government. It is now up to you to write to your elected member pointing out that wind turbines are not fit for purpose. They do not reduce carbon dioxide emissions because they are intermittent and inefficient; they produce energy which is vastly overpriced (about three times the cost of nuclear) and they desecrate the landscape, as you can see.

19 May 15

    Note added 22 May .... during an online discussion I heard from a person ("LSM") who recognised the picture and sent some background information about it:

    ....This is where I grew up. It is Rutan Rd, Mojave, Ca. At the very end of the street is my parents' house, but no-one takes pictures from their perspective. They are the closest to these machines in the whole neighborhood. The rats and mice were driven into the houses and town by the construction, the constant red lights at night, the low hum. There's no property value at all. This vantage point is at the end of the street. near the old Golf Course. If you went on a map, you would see my parents' house, and literally choke. They are seven houses down from the vantage point on the other side of the street... It was so pretty growing up. The endless view, the birds, bats, coyotes, the sunsets and sunrises only rivalled the Caribbean. I used to run free in that desert after school and on weekends. It used to be filled with Joshua Trees. The developers ripped them out and left them in piles to rot. Protected trees.


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