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Energy Independence, not Climate Change, becomes the priority under a new executive order signed by President Trump. The order is a cancelling of Obama-era environmental initiatives (a strategy of 'combating climate change through international cooperation'). Instead there will be an America-first energy policy.

The order specifies that the following Presidential Memoranda are revoked:

1. Preparing the US for the impacts of Climate Change (1 Nov 2013)

2. Power Sector Pollution Standards (25 Jun 2013)

3. Mitigating Impacts on Natural Resources from Development and Encouraging Related Development. (3 Nov 2015)

4. Climate Change and National Security. (21 Sep 2016)

'International Cooperation' would create a governing body to exert undue control over our economies, using 'concern for the environment' as the pretext.

Trump described the order as the start of a new era in American energy production and job creation which would restore economic freedom and allow American companies and their workers to thrive, compete and succeed on a level playing field for the first time in a long time.

He spoke at a signing ceremony at the EPA, on stage with a dozen coal miners. Coal miners were the workers which Obama and Hillary Clinton had targeted for extinction. That's the problem with the EPA. The EPA left its mission of clean-air-clean-water and they had had to grow their empire. They brought in Climate Change and its associated bureaucracy, and asserted that CO2 was a pollutant. They have stepped over the line in so many different areas.

Scott Pruit is the new head of the EPA. As attorney-general in Oklahoma, he fought the unlawful actions of the EPA, as much if not more so than any other attorney-general.

- habitat21

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