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Our present energy crisis can all be blamed on the Americans; more specifically on the early skullduggery of their EPA: the American Environmental Protection Agency. In the 2000's the EPA was trying to justify its regulatory control of CO2 produced by the burning of coal and hydrocarbon fuel. In 2007 it took the matter to the US Supreme Court to decide whether or not CO2 gas was a pollutant.

There it was decided by 5 votes to 4, none of them scientists, that CO2 gas was a pollutant, so the EPA was justified in regulating it. CO2 became associated with real pollutants: nitrous oxide, methane, and hydrofluorocarbons. The court decided CO2 gas "may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health and welfare". It was wrong to make this decision, but the judges were pressurized to demonise CO2.

EPA control of greenhouse gases (GHG) has since expanded enormously, to the detriment of US industry. The great bulk of GHG is harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide, which the EPA and UN now try to link to "global warming", although there has been no increase in global temperatures for nearly 20 years.

As humans we breathe in air containing 400 ppm CO2, and breathe out air at 40,000 ppm, which we use when applying CPR to revive a victim. In submarines the CO2 content of the air supply is kept at around 8000 ppm CO2 . This gas is not hazardous to human health unless present in vast excess. On the contrary; higher levels of CO2 than those in our atmosphere are beneficial. The UN promotion of regulations to limit and decrease CO2 levels in the atmosphere has no basis in science.

Our politicians in Australia believe the unscientific anti-carbon propaganda put out by the UN. I read in "2017 Review of Climate Change Policies" about, for example, "(1) the opportunities and challenges of reducing emissions on a sector by sector basis" .down to item (8): " A potential long-term emissions reduction goal post-2030".

Needless to say, this is all unnecessary. CO2 is beneficial and we could do with more of it in our atmosphere.

I look forward to Mr Trump sorting out the US's EPA and draining the Washington swamp. We must do likewise in Canberra and drain the billabong. Federal and State Goverments must erase all references to RET's (Renewable Energy Targets); they are unwanted UN-generated nonsense.

Perhaps we shall now look favourably upon keeping our wonderful Hazelwood coal-fired power plant operational for another 50 years. We are very fortunate to have it.

'Allano', reproduced by permission.

- habitat21

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