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The recent claim by the WWF that 87% of Scottish homes were powered by wind generated electricity in October reminds me of the Disraeili saying: 'there are three linds of lies, namely: lies, damned lies and statistics'.

The statistical manipulation of the electricy generation numbers by the WWF is obviously designed to make people think that ever more wind energy is the future for energy generation in Scotland - which it patently is not, because being weather dependent it is unreliable.

WWF makes much of aggregate numbers and ignores the fact that on a number of days in October, wind generation generation fell to a trickle and required Scotland to import electricy generated in England from fossil fuels - something we are doing more often after the closure of Longannet power station.

Electricity simply cannot be supplied by aggregating the output of a highly intermittent generation source since it is required instantly to meet a variable demand every second for 24 hours every day, month and year.

Perhaps the WWF should stick to its implied remit of looking after wildlife rather than dabbling in engineering issues which it does not appear to understand.

GL, Kinross.


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