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The primary interest of this website is energy, not the European Union, but EU energy policy has an enormous effect on that of the UK, particularly with regard to the 'decarbonisation' agenda, which is sending much of the UK's manufacturing industry overseas. We have already lost Aluminium manufacture because of high energy prices; steel will probably be the next to go. Tata is in deep trouble.

The view of this website is that the demonising of carbon dioxide is unhelpful. There is no evidence linking man-made carbon dioxide to any change in global temperatures.

The mainstream media have been obliged to admit that there has been no significant global warming for twenty years, in a period when atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased sharply.

Since much of the climate change alarmism industry originates from the UN and Europe, it would be healthy for our energy policy if we left the EU. It would also be healthy for our democracy. It is important for ordinary people that those who have control over their lives should be accountable. This means - capable of being voted out via the ballot box.

The EU is not democratic. We cannot elect its policymakers.

This website recommends that we leave the EU. Decisions affecting the British are best made in Britain.

    There was an interesting interview with Christina Speight in the DT recently. Christina has spent most of her life in the drinks trade, advising Guinness and forming her own consultancy company.

    When asked 'What is the main reason you will vote to leave?' she replied as follows:

    We should be able to control our own affairs and make our own decisions.

    The civil service takes orders from Brussels and it takes instructions from the World Trade Organization.

    If we had direct membership of the WTO, we would then have a share in framing their recommendations. Brussels doesn't listen to us and there we lose every vote of substance.

      I'll give the last word to my American friend, Russ J:

      To my British friends.

      Think long and hard about your vote. Think about your sovereignty. Don't surrender it to non-elected career bureaucrats seeking absolute power over your lives. Don't be a "subject", be a "free citizen" with the right to self determination. Hold your politicians accountable to you. Elect them to serve you, not to rule you. As for that impudent lecture you got from our President, don't ignore it. It is proof enough that staying in is not in your best interests.

Here is a VOTE LEAVE poster which you may find useful; print it off and give copies to your friends - Ed.)


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