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Last week, the plug was pulled on Longannet, Scotland's last coal-fired power station. If we add this to two recent closures of coal-fired stations in England, this represents a 10% reduction in UK generation over a few months.

A good example of 'decimation'.

What is there to replace this capacity?

More windmills and some standby diesel generators, along with a policy to cut off large industrial users.

We only need a cold day with no wind, and for a nuclear station to go off line, and we will be in the dark.

In the past we had power cuts, but at least we had an open fire to keep the house warm. This year I'll buy a generator. It will keep a few lights on and will allow the freezer to survive.

Those of you living near Leicester may be aware that some large factories are being paid handsomely to use no energy (ie to send workers home on full pay) on certain days.


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