Why Renewable Energy is not the Answer
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Energy sources like wind, waves and tides do not offer unlimited energy. In fact there is not enough energy in them to power a western civilisation like the UK, which is why we never bothered with them in the past for national power generation.

We need thermal power stations to power the country when the wind does not blow, especially on cold windless winter nights. Consequently, since we need the thermal systems anyway, we never needed the renewable sources in the first place. All they do is waste time and resources, and impede the smooth operation of the National Grid, which wouldn't touch them were they not compelled to do so by law.

The issue of storing temporarily unwanted wind energy is irrelevant, because the overall demand is greater than the wind energy supply - even flat out - by a factor of many times. The storage would therefore be permanently exhausted, and the country essentially running off thermal systems - conventional power stations - as has been the case all along.

That is why the qualified graduate engineers who understand these matters left renewable sources out of the equation for national power generation.

It was heads-in-the-clouds Arts degrees with our money burning a hole in their pockets who culpably ignored qualified advice. The maths-science-engineering-any-difficult-subject-free educated politicians thought they knew better than the engineers, and after wasting billions of pounds have succeeded in proving that the engineers were right all along, as they always are about engineering matters.

Then it transpired not only that the underlying theory behind catastrophic greenhouse warming was false, but also that - unsurprisingly therefore - there never was any real evidence that changes to atmospheric CO2 have ever affected the climate. Our Westminster masters have not only failed in their duty which we elected them to perform, but failed miserably.

They have needlessly wrecked our power generation system on the rock of ruinously expensive wind-power sophistry.

Perfectly good power stations have been shut down for no good reason, and (surprise surprise) there is now a looming power shortage. Our leaders' solution is to blame us and introduce rationing, re-branded as 'demand management'. We are now expected to pay even more for this outrageous misrepresentation of their incompetence, and be happy about it.

They are hiding their incompetence behind smart meters, which monitor our power usage hour by hour, allowing the suppliers artificially to bump up the price during periods when, because of the government's culpable negligence, the National Grid is under strain to 'encourage' us to use less power.

The net result is bills go up, not down.

    [The consumer is paying twice pool price for on-shore wind now and three times pool price for off-shore wind. Solar is paid well over double pool price. Pool price is the average for fossil and existing nuclear MWh on the UK grid. - Ed]

The purpose is to force us to change our lifestyles and consume power (which we pay for, so it's our power, not theirs) according to their dictates, and not as we would prefer.

This is rationing, concealed under another name.

The smart meters' data transport is the Internet, so your meter and its controllers are hackable from anywhere in the world.

The matter moved long ago from incompetence to fraud.

Reproduced by permission of 'salt peter', engineer; edited slightly for clarity.


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