How Germany leads the Green Revolution
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We are frequently told by the mainstream media that Germany is leading Europe's 'Green Revolution'.

The illustration below tells a different story. Because of the failure of its renewable energy policy, along with the switching-off of a number of its nuclear power stations, Germany has a serious electricity shortage.

This has led to an emergency programme of building coal-fired power stations; roughly 30GW of capacity.

The view of this website is that this is a good thing; the stations will be fitted with scrubbers to remove NOx and Sulphur oxides, and the carbon dioxide emitted is harmless.

For comparison, the UK demand, today, 8 Dec 2014, is 44GW.

The mainstream media, meanwhile, have remained curiously silent about the failure of Germany's renewables investment. I have waited for a long time for some sensible comments about it from the BBC; I expect to wait a lot longer.

It is becoming obvious even to those who do not work in science that traditional journalism is no longer a credible source of information in the energy debate. Articles by environment correspondents (mentioning no names, but you probably know them as well as me) are usually riddled with misconceptions.

Click on the picture below to see the locations of the new German power plants.

the new German coal-fired power station program


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