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Delaware University invited Dr. David Legates to speak about climate change recently.

He spoke for a while about the way the climate-change issue is being presented to the public.

He shared data and showed other evidence supporting his view that the scientific community is wrong and misguided about anthropogenic climate change.

My concern is that carbon dioxide is not the main player in climate change, he said. Its probably only a bit player.

During his talk, he went through examples illustrating the lack of a strong relationship between human activity and a changing climate.

Legates came to campus as a part of the What Matters Speaker Series, which has been put on by the Department of Geography and Environmental Planning. He came because of a grant from William Murray, a member of the board of directors of the TU Foundation.

Virginia Thompson, chair of the department, said that although David's views differs from her own, she wanted to give him a venue to express his opinions so that the issue could be talked about.

It is excellent that a head of department takes this view. In science, discussion and openness is important. Students should learn that the truth only emerges through hearing both sides of an issue, not just the government line.

Legates said that he had no problem with investing in clean technology and embracing conservation methods. His qualm, however, is how climate change is presented to the public. He does not believe that the issue is presented honestly or without bias. He said that the overstating of the dangers of climate change is disingenuous. He also said that he thought that the focus should be more on how to reduce human vulnerability to a changing climate rather than trying to keep the climate from changing.

This is a brief summary of a much longer piece which can be found at www.thetowerlight.com


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