Green Fantasies:
Let’s Hear How They Will Do It.
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Viv Forbes highlights the consequences of the highly damaging climate-change propaganda being pushed by activists in influential positions.

This is an international scandal. The public needs to open its eyes to what is happening.

In January 2014 OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría called for “a plan to achieve zero net greenhouse emissions globally.” Not to be outdone, Australia has an organisation named “Beyond Zero Emissions”.

Try making steel without using coal and producing carbon dioxide.

Try making cement without producing carbon dioxide.

Try moving cattle road trains in the outback without producing carbon dioxide.

Try operating an aluminium refinery on wind power.

Try keeping electric trains, lifts and lights running on a still night without coal or gas backup.

Try powering a container ship with sails.

Try getting approval to build a nuclear power station or a new hydro-electric dam in Australia.

Try feeding the people of the world while burning half of the food crops as biofuel.

The production of carbon dioxide is a direct measure of economic activity. To forcibly cut it will cause a recession. Russia, Poland, the Czechs, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Canada have already recognised this.

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today is well below the optimum level for plant growth. Human production of carbon dioxide plant food fell during the Great Depression and added to plant starvation and crop failures in those bleak years.

“Zero Emissions” is a meaningless green slogan which, if pursued, will turn into a nightmare of joblessness, poverty and hunger, especially in poorer parts of the world.


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